HistoryThe GYG Project started in 2016 when the Founder thought of supporting schools through sports and educative events. The organization started as Sports Association of Private Schools in Accra (SAPSA) which only organized activities for private schools only in Accra but after the organization had its first biggest sports event at the National Hockey Pitch which was supported by the Ghana Hockey Association and food sponsorships from Indomie Foods, Chez Mix, Blue Crystal Mineral Water and Mr. Gee Pop Corn, the organization became popular through the Hockey Competition which was held for private schools and was financed by the Founder.

The hockey event developed the interest of public schools in Accra to also join the organization. The Hockey Event turned out to be too expensive for such a young organization since there were many schools expressing their interest to join the organization from both the public and private education sector. Today, the organization is connected to many schools; students and teachers in Accra.

The organization could not continue with the name SAPSA since the name only expressed an interest in Private Schools when Public Schools participation in the organization was on the rise. In September, 2017 the organization was registered as a non –  profit organization with the name GYG PROJECT to include every school and every youth in Ghana. GYG PROJECT simply means Golden Youth of Ghana Project since Ghana is known as the Gold Coast or the Land of Gold. Ghana is named after the ancient Ghana Empire of West Africa which means ‘The Mines’. Ghana is the place where illegal mining among the youth is common because the land is filled with much gold and many other precious minerals in large quantities, therefore many Ghanaian youth die through illegal mining under the earth in dug out tunnels.

Despite the engagement of Ghanaian youth in mining which is destroying our green forests, wild life and water bodies, Ghana is still the pillar of education in West Africa. The GYG PROJECT wish to encourage our youth to understand that they are worth more precious than gold or silver.

In April, 2018, the GYG PROJECT collaborated with Derick Omari who was selected for the 2018 Queen’s Young Leader Award to receive an Award from Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Our organization collaborated with him to select students from many schools in Accra to be trained in Robotics and Coding. Now, the GYG PROJECT is open up to every Ghanaian youth to participate in our activities by expressing their interest to exhibit their knowledge, ideas and talents in an open competition.