2018 RECAP

In 2018, we took a portion of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana’s (PPAG) Building at Lartebiokorshie, Accra for hosting students from many different schools in Ghana for the purpose of teaching and learning activities as a vacation lyceum. We have many students that we teach and help with school assignments and career guidance.

We can now boast of our popularity level in schools and many different communities. We have been asked by many tertiary students to also organize programs for them and this has inspired us to come up with TRIBE 18 initiative to usher 18 year old freshers into university life and adulthood after Senior High School.

Students will embark on an educational trip to either the US Embassy or the British Council for an Education Tour this year to be introduced to foreign education in places like America or the Great Britain. Plans and arrangements are underway with the institutions mentioned to fix a date and time for our tour.

We had our Christmas and New Year Break on 21st December at Eddys Pizza with style. It is our desire that we will have you on board to join our excitements and achievement stories

Wishing you all the Best of 2019!

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